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It's Wedding Season... Let the gifts begin

It's Wedding Season... Let the gifts begin

            A wedding is such a joyous occasion but for attendees like me, it leaves me stressed on what to wear and what to buy them. Fortunately, ZOLA takes the stress out of it, for the happy couple and attendees. The one stop shop for everything on your wedding registry simplifies the whole process with easy shipping and having the option to hold your gift, so no one buys it out from under you.  There is literally nothing more you could ask for! ZOLA is so easy to use and you should definitely make it your next favorite destination. Don’t believe me? Read on for my interview with two happy couples/friends of mine that gave me the 411 on their wedding registries and you won’t want to miss it.


How we met: It was a freezing January day in Bloomington, Indiana as I was heading to the next Sorority house for rush. There were buses due to the houses being so far from each other and the fact that it was in the single digits. Heading to one of the rounds I was on the bus and next to this girl. I screamed out “Sammy! What are you doing here?” She replied, “I’m not Sammy”.  Well that was awkward? Any who fast-forward six days later and this fake Sammy girl and I were joining the same sorority as the real Sammy. Finally it came full circle as the three of us embraced each other; Sammy, myself and my new friend Hayley. Coincidentally I hadn’t been the only person that thought she was Sammy. Now my once awkward run in is forever a sister and a friend. I can’t wait for her wedding to a fellow IU Hoosier Max in Kentucky!

When did you hear about ZOLA?

Hayley: When I was researching wedding website platforms, I really loved that Zola had so many various theme options. I love the clean, modern look and ZOLA stuck out to me. I also noticed you could easily link any products from different sites. There were a few things I wanted to register for, but didn’t know how to get them as they weren’t on major store registry sites.

Is doing your registry as fun as you thought it would be?

H: It was difficult at first to make sure there were a wide range of items, but ZOLA made it a lot more easier and fun! I love that they have different products added and have many gift suggestions— and I can do it all from home. I’m constantly updating based off of their new ideas they email me!

Max, what was Hayley’s craziest item that she put on the registry?

I wouldn’t say she had anything crazy, as we really needed or wanted all of these items! She was very detailed when making the registry.

What is on your registry that you thought you would never need?

H: A Seder plate. We grew up going to our family or friends homes for Seders so our families never had one of their own. We wanted to add this to registry so we could start a new Passover tradition together with our growing family and friends.

What gifts can you not wait to use or get?

Our Away luggage! We can’t wait to use them for our honeymoon in Hawaii! 



How we met: A mutual friend had mentioned the other one to one another but we still had never met. Then at a lunch hosted by my friend and fellow blogger Tricia from Happilyeverstyle, I finally met the girl I had heard so much about. Her name was Jordan and we instantly clicked. Jordan has been my rock and confident for the past few years. She has always encouraged me to go for anything/everything. From fashion weeks, to dinners and countless ubers around the city, Jordan and I are always having a good time. I am counting down the days till their upcoming wedding in Italy!!!!

When/how did you hear about ZOLA?

Jordan: I had actually heard about ZOLA before I got engaged, I've been a bridesmaid several times, and I've always heard it makes the registry process so seamless!

Is doing your registry as fun as you thought it would be?

Jordan: I was thinking it would be no fun at all, it seemed really daunting at first. After we started our registry, Scott and I started having fun doing it. We learned so much about what we needed throughout the process!

Scott: I was dreading it too, but we had a lot of fun doing it! I like that we can keep adding to our registry online as we think of new things.

Jordan, what was Scott’s craziest item that he put on the registry?

He keeps trying to add some insanely expensive TV that we don't need, and also don't have space for, but I keep taking it off the registry!

Scott, what was Jordan’s craziest item that she put on the registry?

Gigantic kitchen gadgets when we have no room for them in our tiny NYC apartment. She also doesn't cook, so...

(*Writers note: the two Jordan’s might need to take some cooking classes in the near future)

What is on your registry that you thought you would never need?

A Pyrex 19-Piece Glass Bake and Store Set. Someone actually just got it for us off of our registry, and we've been using it nonstop. Who knew?!

What gifts can you not wait to use or get?

Money for our Honeymoon! I love that Zola has made this acceptable to ask for! 

A Girl And Her Coats

A Girl And Her Coats