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Rockstars in Rockstuds: Paula from Thirteen Thoughts

Rockstars in Rockstuds: Paula from Thirteen Thoughts

You probably have pinned and hearted some of her photos without realizing it. With a following of 25k on Pinterest, Paula from Thirteenthoughts.com is paving the flatlay way. Besides creating the most beautiful photos, Paula has a website that is extremely resourceful for any blogger. I came across Thirteen Thoughts when I was launching my own site. In the beginning, when I had so many questions, I read Paula’s blog for the answers.  From blogging tips and resources, to how to take photos in natural light, Paula really does an amazing job sharing it all.

Paula shares her tricks of the trade from how to create the best set up, what equipment you should get and answers a million questions when it comes to blogging. Paula is an amazing inspiration to me and I was lucky to pick her brain for some tips that can help bloggers and non-bloggers create the perfect image for the gram.

How did you come up with the name Thirteen Thoughts?

I don’t have a particularly interesting story behind the name of my blog. Thirteen is my lucky number and I’ve always been a deep thinker + over-thinker. The name “Thirteen Thoughts” crossed my mind at one point and I thought it was a perfect fit.

What do you love most about blogging?

Without a doubt, the best part about blogging is connecting with other people; whether it’d be people who read my blog, other bloggers, or people behind some of my favorite beauty and lifestyle brands. Since starting my blog I have build many wonderful friendships and that is definitely something I love most about blogging.

What camera is your favorite?
I can’t live without my Canon 70D and a 50mm f/1.4 lens.

What is a good camera for someone starting out?

I think that nowadays you can take great pictures even with your smart phone- Canon also makes great point-and-shoot cameras. I personally love my DSLR and can’t imagine using anything else, but I know that it’s an investment and it does take some time and dedication to learn how to use one.

Where do you start when you are taking a flatlay picture?

Usually, I take inspiration from my messy desk or makeup vanity haha :) I love a clean background, and always start with that. From that point on I “build it up” by adding a few props, always trying to keep a nice balance. If I’m featuring a single product in my image, then usually I like to keep it clean and simple.

What is your advice to bloggers starting out?

Make sure to focus on something you’re really passionate about- otherwise, you’ll get bored very easily and will give up on your blog. One of the best things about blogging is the fact that you constantly get to learn new things, so my other piece of advice is to never be afraid of trying new things and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. We’re all unique and we all have something special to offer.

What are your favorite editing apps?

The only thing I use for editing my images is Photoshop. It might be intimidating at first, but it’s so fun to use and can really make a big difference in the way your images look. PicMonkey is great, too.

Instagram or Pinterest?

Love them both, for different reasons. I love Pinterest for growing my blog and driving traffic to my posts. Instagram is amazing for connecting with my audience as well as other bloggers and brands. Both platforms are also very visual, which is probably why I love them so much.

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