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Everyone's Best Kept Secret...The Netflix of Jewelry

Everyone's Best Kept Secret...The Netflix of Jewelry

Did you see that Fallon Choker last week on Gigi Hadid and think I have to have it, but then you realized its hefty price tag. Instead of looks for less what would you do if you could have the real thing? Well that’s where Join Switch comes in. It feels like you are raiding the jewelry drawers of top fashion bloggers to a Kardashian. For $29 a month, you can rent the hottest jewelry that you have been drooling over. Snap it, share it, wear it out, the piece is yours until you send it back for the next item on your wishlist to try. This new service answers the very famous question of "can you have it all?" And yes we are happy to say you can. Now you can add to your OOTD some killer jewelry from the likes of Chanel, Fallon, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. To kick off our Rockstars in Rockstuds meet the brothers behind this amazing new company Switch, Elliott and Adriel Darvish.

RiR: Who came up with the idea?  

AD: I came up with the idea initially, but it was really Elliott who figured out how to make this thing a reality with his brains and business acumen.

RIR: Describe your partner in 3 words?

AD: Elliott is detailed, caring, and hilarious.
ED: Adriel is creative, witty, and fearless.

RIR: What’s your favorite memory involving jewelry? 

ED: Our mom gave me one of my dad's watches when I graduated college. I was very close to my dad and he passed away when I was 12, so it meant a lot to me. I cherish it everyday.

RIR: What did your friends and families think when you decided to embark on this adventure?

AD: The response was mixed when we initially decided to pursue Switch. I had devoted so much time and money to law school and both of us left some pretty amazing opportunities on the table--Elliott as an investment banker and me as a lawyer. So some members of our family thought we were crazy to leave all of that behind to pursue this entrepreneurial venture that was only an idea at the time. Others were more excited and supportive--not only because they encouraged us to pursue our passions but also because they thought it's a great idea and couldn't wait to start using it. But we're so happy we did it and haven't looked back!

RIR: What’s the most surprising thing you have learned doing business together?

ED: We learned that we're both even more obsessed with Switch and making it successful than either of us initially realized. We eat, sleep, and breath the business and we both get a real thrill out of seeing it grow. We knew we were passionate and motivated but neither of us expected it to be to such a degree.

RIR: Where do you see Switch going (in the next five years)? 

AD: We see Switch growing quickly, becoming mainstream nationwide and eventually internationally. If the first couple of months are any indication, we believe Switch can turn into something special. We believe in our mission to make designer jewelry more accessible and we believe the appetite for Switch is strong. We hope to add a little shine to women's lives around the globe.

RIR: What advice would you give to someone buying jewelry for someone else? 

ED: Don't buy them jewelry, buy them a Switch membership. Jewelry is both personal and trendy--they may not like what you get them and even if they do, they may grow sick of it very quickly. A Switch membership is so much more valuable--instead of getting them one piece of jewelry, you're getting them an endless rotation of pieces she'll love!

RIR: Who would be your dream Switch member (celeb)?

ED: Marilyn Monroe because she was fun, beautiful, and classic yet edgy. She was someone who we felt was always ahead of her time and women across multiple generations still point to her as a true style icon.

Just some of out favorite pictures featuring pieces from Switch. Chokers by Fallon and Vintage Chanel Clip On Earrings.

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