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Meet Alexandra Chang of The Zeitgeist

Meet Alexandra Chang of The Zeitgeist

Alexandra in one of her designs

Alexandra in one of her designs

If you haven’t heard of Alexandra Chang, well you should. This girl has been paving the blogger realm since the age of 14!!! Daughter of author Amanda Brown, writer of the cult favorite Legally Blonde, this brunette can add fashion designer to her resume. This past year Alexandra introduced her first collection of graphic tees, counting young Hollywood’s Maddie Ziegler and Halston Sage as fans. This month she’s giving back to her hometown of Los Angeles with a Zeigeist X Children’s Action Network Tee donating 100% of the profits to SantaCan’s LA foster youth granting children’s holiday wishes.

Alexandra made my list of #rockstarsinrockstuds and is definitely one to watch. In addition to being a fashion blogger and a designer I’m so lucky to call this 17-year-old one of my good friends. (P.S. Alexandra is actually the person who pushed me to create a blog) 

Where did you get the name for your blog, The Zeitgeist? 

AC: I first heard the word "zeitgeist" from my grandmother, and she truly embodied the spirit of the time. At the age of 82, she was constantly learning, adapting, and interested in everything current. My grandmother has always inspired me, and we had an incredibly close relationship. The name of both my website and brand is largely due to her!

What is the best part of being a blogger?

AC:Through blogging, I have had the opportunity to meet such amazing, inspiring people, many of whom I have become close friends with over the years. In the blogging world, everyone has an incredible amount of respect for each other, and it's such a special community to be a part of.

What did your friends think when you decided to launch your blog? 

AC:My friends have always been supportive of my ideas, and they all helped spread the word when I first launched The Zeitgeist. I am lucky enough to have maintained special friendships with people who live in different places--New York, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco-- and their posts on social media about The Zeitgeist helped me garner readers and customers from different places around the globe. I am beyond grateful to my friends and family who were some of my very first customers!

Favorite place for lunch in LA? 

AC: Malibu Farm Cafe-- it's right on the pier, which provides a fun atmosphere, especially during the summer months.
Favorite place for Dinner in LA? 

AC:Perch in downtown— it has an unbelievable view of the city at night.

Favorite place for dessert in LA? 

AC: Barton G.— their quirky, inventive menu is filled with whimsical desserts. My personal favorite is the Marie Antoinette Cotton Candy!
Favorite City? 

AC: New York or London.

Favorite beauty product? 

AC: La Mer lip balm. 

Mountains or the beach? 

AC: The beach! 

Favorite Movie? 

AC: "Legally Blonde" is my all-time favorite film, as it has a very special meaning to me. In my opinion, my mom created one of the best characters and girl power comedies in existence. 

Favorite television show currently on?

AC: "Unreal" starring Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer.

What’s your favorite brand? 

AC: Romwe is my favorite brand of the moment, as they sell clothes that are both stylish and super affordable. 

Name a memorable fashion moment you had that makes you laugh. 

AC: When I was four years old, I insisted on wearing my ruby red slippers to soccer practice. The red sparkles in combination with my bright yellow soccer jersey was quite a sight.

Favorite book?

AC: The Great Gatsby.

5 people on Instagram that everyone should follow.

Erin Foster @erinfoster

Sara Foster @sarafoster

Iris Apfel @iris.apfel

Jen Gotch @jengotch

Me! :) @thezeitgeist
What is your go to outfit?

AC: Jeans and a top paired with a statement jacket. I often add bangles or rings to the mix, too.

Quote to live by

AC: "More is more and less is a bore." ~ Iris Apfel

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