I am so happy you are here. Have fun exploring all the pages I have created for you. You never know what new places you will find. I love sharing my love of fashion and all things New York, and of course my love for rockstuds. Find me running in my rockstuds around NYC : )

Meet Tara Leydon

Meet Tara Leydon

            One of the best things since creating my blog is making connections with people all around the world. One of my biggest supporters and favorite blogs to get inspiration from is Tara Leydon’s The TL Blog. Tara's instragram, @Taraleydon is one of the most gorgeous feeds of flowers, make up and hotpots to visit. I am so excited to share a fellow rock star in rockstuds.


When did you start the TL Blog?

I started the TL blog in Oct of 2015 my first official post was about my recent trip to NYC!

How did you come up with the idea? 

I liked the idea of blogging and I had contributed to another blog prior to starting my own. I mainly wrote about travel and recent trips I had been on. I wanted to have my own platform and write about whatever I wanted, so the TL blog was born. TL if you haven't already figured it out are my initials : ) To me my blog and insta feed are where people can come and hopefully be inspired and where like minded people can connect. I've meet so many great people via instagram and my blog, including Jordan! : )   

What are some of your favorite beauty products/brands you can’t live without?

The list is very long and I could have you here for days but the very basic would be the following;


Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 8.41.07 PM.png

Where are some of your favorite places to go in Toronto?

Toronto is such a great city and it's constantly growing and changing. Some of my favorite and more frequented places would be the following;The Broadview Hotel (it's new but it's super close to me and I've been going there a lot), The Drake Hotel, CIBO Wine Bar - has my favorite spaghetti carbonara, Cocktail Bar, La Palma, Union, La Société - I love their eggs benny, Lil Baci, Baddies, Kasa Moto, Safehouse Coffee, Sam James Coffee, Maker Pizza - I love Frank's Best Pizza and Enoteca Sociale - probably my favorite spaghetti cacio e pepe (clearly I love pasta!) 

What cities are on your dream travel list? 

I've been lucky enough to do a large amount of traveling but some new places I have on my list would be Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Cape Town in South Africa, Barcelona and I'd love to go Thai Island hopping because when I went to Thailand I traveled around other parts of the country and didn't get to the islands.

What are some useful tips when it comes to creating the most perfect insta worthy photo?

I would say as much as you can try to take photos in good natural light, natural lighting is so key! There are tons of photo apps out there, try them out and see what your faves are. I love Afterlight and Lightroom. Also take photos of things you love not things you think would make a good insta, stay true to the things YOU love and want to share with others. 

Big Hair, Full Hearts Can't Lose

Big Hair, Full Hearts Can't Lose

Summer Time Nails

Summer Time Nails